Adam Schiff Takes The Gloves Off, Punches GOPers In Their Stupid Faces

During the Merrick Garland hearing, which was after the Fauci hearing, both of which were after the Biden impeachment hearing, Rep. Adam Schiff got tired of Republicans’ sh*t, so he smacked them all with a few truth bombs while making pew pew pew sounds. OK, I made that last part up. I always admit when I’m wrong. Schiff’s rant reminds me of his badass speech at Trump’s impeachment hearing.

“They would tear it down,” the California Democrat said. “In the service of this convicted felon, they would tear everything down. They would tear the house of this democracy down around them.

“They say it’s unprecedented to bring charges against a former president,” he continued. “You’re damn right; it’s unprecedented. We’ve never had a president of the United States who was making hush money payments to a porn star and then falsifying business records to cover it up. Yeah, that’s unprecedented.”

“We’ve never had a president withhold classified information and then obstruct the investigation,” he said. “That is unprecedented. We’ve never had a president incite a violent attack on the Capitol. That is unprecedented.”

“And you know what else is unprecedented?” he added. “The fact that so many leaders of that party are perfectly fine with all of that. In their headlong pursuit of power, they’re perfectly fine with that. They’re going to nominate a convicted felon as their presidential candidate.”

He’s not done.

“That’s the problem of all my Republican colleagues right now, and that is they’re about to nominate a convicted felon. And they don’t know how to cope with that. They don’t know how to cope with a justice system that, in fact, treats Donald Trump the same it would any other citizen.”

Schiff asked Garland, “Did you select the jury in the New York case?”

“No,” Garland said.

“The jury was actually selected by Donald Trump and his attorneys,” Schiff said.

Conservatives have been flooded with disinformation while their hero cries fake news at every turn. As it happens, Trump was the biggest propagator of fake news. And if you don’t believe me, ask his Pecker about that.

As a parting shot, there was this remark from Schiff: “I’m pleased and a bit surprised to see that the flag in this committee is still flying right side up.”

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