Alina Habba Promotes Debunked 'Cousin Of Juror' Sh*tpost

Trump attorney Alina Habba told Charlie the dimwit Kirk that even though the shitposter was exposed as a troll, if the cousin of the juror was true, then a mistrial should be granted.

Huh? If true but not true? WTF is wrong with her?

Dimwit: So I want to ask now on Friday, there was a Friday news dump of potentially a juror that said that his cousin or her cousin was on the jury and they knew what was going to happen the day before. Can you help fill us in here, Alina?

The letter indicated to us that there was a post that was eventually posted on the website from an individual saying that his cousin was on the jury and that prior to the verdict coming out, he knew from the cousin that they were going to find him guilty. And that’s obviously incredibly troubling and also grounds for a mistrial, if true.

If true, indeed.

Habba: There’s obviously been questions about this individual.

There are no question. The shitposter said it was not true, a hoax.

But this one we have to take seriously.

We have a president that’s been convicted of a crime he should never have sat for in a blue state where we have, if this is true, a compromised verdict and jury. So they should have been sequestered.

I said that all along.

If a juror was out with the week off before Memorial Day talking to his family and mentioned that they had already found their determination as to President Trump’s innocence and found him guilty, that’s a serious violation.

We take due process seriously in this country, or at least we used to.

And we will fully, fully litigate that if need be.

There is no conspiracy if the MAGA cult believes it will help convicted felon Trump. They will beat it with a drum until their knuckles bleed.

There is no bottom of the depravity the MAGAts will swim in.

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