Ari Fleischer Admits Biden Impeachment Inquiry Is Revenge

We all know this so-called “impeachment inquiry” is nothing but a fishing expedition by Republicans hoping to give Fox more sound bytes to use against Joe Biden prior to the presidential election.

Following the news of Kevin McCarthy’s announcement that he supports moving forward with this nonsense, Fox’s Harris Faulkner asked former White House spox Air Fleischer to weigh in, and Fleischer said the quiet part out loud on what their true motivations are.

FLEISCHER: I have reservations, Harris, about impeachment. I think impeachment is now turning into a vote of confidence in the president, not a high crime or misdemeanor until we find further evidence on Joe Biden.

And Nancy Pelosi is the one who created this situation. She is now reaping what she sowed by impeaching Donald Trump twice and violating the rules of the House in so doing on one occasion.

This is the revenge that Nancy Pelosi has set in motion, and Democrats should look to themselves as to why we have reached this point.

Sorry Ari, but Dear Leader has brought every bit of this on himself.

It’s proof positive that Fox can’t defend this theater of the absurd from the House Freedom Caucus, that they have to pin it on the FORMER speaker and say nothing about weakling coward Kevin McCarthy.

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