Bannon: Biden Will 'Wag The Dog' With Russia To Win Election

Soon-to-be-jailed Steve Bannon told Tommy Tuberville that it is likely President Biden will start a “wag the dog” war with Russia in order to win the 2024 election.

There is no basis for this, but Bannon’s mission is to propagate subversive information to his GOP followers.

Bannon lies about US relations with the Russians by insanely claiming they’ve always been our friends.

Bannon: Last time I looked, the American people, the Russians were our ally.

The reason your father’s division was not destroyed on the beach by Rommel and more guys is that the Wehrmacht was getting chewed up by the Russian people. It took 35 million casualties.

The Russian people have always been our ally.

That was during WWII when Russia and America’s goals were aligned against Nazi Germany. Ever heard of the Cold War, Steve? Maybe you can read about it in the clink.

Bannon: Why are they trying to force the American people to go to war with the Russian people?

Tuberville: Well, Sullivan and Blinken are running our country along with Obama, with Biden trying to get his way through a speech. But we all know that.

But isn’t it kind of interesting that we’re going to allow Zelensky to start shooting long-range missiles that we make into Russia, killing civilians, when we’re complaining about what Israel’s doing over there, trying to protect themselves in Gaza.

Now we’re getting ready to okay civilians being killed in Russia.

Bannon: And the only way Joe Biden, and I think they’re going to get to this point, and I don’t know this for a fact, but if you just look at it logically, you’d say, well, the only way Joe Biden is going to have a chance is to get us in the middle of a fight.

To wag the dogs.

The United States will not get into a war with Russia, ever, unless Russia attacks us or a NATO ally. These creeps know this.

Tuberville and Bannon are acting like Putin’s emissaries.

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