Bill Barr Laughs In Steve Bannon's Face About Jail Time

Former Trump Attorney General Bill Barr had a grand ole’ time discussing Steve Bannon going to jail on Fox News.

Barr, who did a big disservice to this country by covering up for Trump after Mueller’s report came out on Russiagate, said if Trump wins re-election, Barr will be the first to go to prison if Bannon has his way.

Retribution and grievance is the MAGA cult personified.

Barr: I understand people’s concern, especially given his frequently incendiary rhetoric.

I’m just saying, having experienced working with the person and being a subordinate of his, you know, Bannon says I’m the first to go to prison under President Trump. I don’t lose any sleep over it. I’m not worried about that.

Cavuto: I think he’s in prison right now, himself. Let me ask you…

Barr breaks out in laughter….

I have a big smile on my face seeing Bannon, the seditious shit stain going to prison.

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