Boebert On Beetlejuice-Gate: I Have 'An Animated Personality'

Controversial Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert tried to defend her latest scandal by blaming the media. She said that many things are happening in the world, and yet the media focused on the footage of her groping her male companion in a family-friendly theater while blowing vape smoke at a pregnant woman. Oh, and her boyfriend was all over her new breasts. But sure, it’s the media’s fault.

“We just had Kevin McCarthy, the Speaker of the House, announce an impeachment inquiry yesterday,” BoBo said. We’re facing a government shutdown and trying to fund the federal government.

“We have a wide-open southern border,” she falsely said. “We have Zelenskyy threatening to send refugees here.”

“And what’s the top story?” she continued. “Lauren Bobert getting kicked out of the Buick Theater in Denver, Colorado.”

“It’s what the media does,” the OAN host said. “It’s what the media does.”

“So what went down?” Boebert continued. “I was a little too eccentric. I’m very known for having an animated personality, maybe overtly animated personality.”

“I was laughing,” she said. “I was singing, having a fantastic time. Was told to kind of settle it down a little bit, which I did. But then my next slip-up was taking a picture of the cast members.”

“There was no arguing,” she said. “There was no reports saying that I was arguing, threatening to call the Denver mayor. I’m on the edge of a lot of things, let me tell you.”

“You’re in Denver, Lauren,” the meathead host said. “It’s very liberal. The people that complained to the ushers that you were being noisy could have recognized you and been like, oh, that’s that MAGA girl.”

Sure thing, OAN guy. It’s the media’s fault that she was performing lewd acts in a theater with children in the audience. She doesn’t know how to act in public. She should not be holding an elected office. Her children are going to see that tape.

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