Burgum: Since Trump Tells Lies All The Time, It's OK

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum told Meet the Press host Kristen Welker that the lies Trump tells are no big thing because he’s told them all before.

Welker quizzed Burgum on Trump’s propensity for lying, when Burgum himself claims he never lied in politics.

WELKER: By one count, Donald Trump made more than 30 false claims during that debate. I want to play something you told my colleague Chuck Todd on this broadcast last year.

Take a look.

TODD: You ever lied in politics?


TODD: That you know, you don’t believe you’ve ever lied?


TODD: You feel like you’ve always told the truth as you understood it?

BURGUM: Absolutely. That’s how I was raised and that’s how I’ve gone forward.

[end clip]

WELKER: As someone who is on Donald Trump’s short list to be his vice presidential nominee, do you think he should stop saying things that are not true?

BURGUM: I think that the whole manufactured thing this morning of that Donald Trump has said something that he hasn’t said before.

I mean, everything that he said on Thursday night, he’s been saying before. I mean, so this is not manufactured.

This is not news.

Say, what? Trump lied throughout th entire debate, but that’s not news? As long as Trump lied about it before, who cares? WTF?

WELKER: But this is not manufactured, Governor.

I mean, just to say a few.

He said that Democrats want to kill infants after birth.

That’s not true.

He again lied about widespread fraud.

Not true.

He lied about its comments after Charlottesville.

Should he be truthful with the American people if he wants to lead this country?

Especially given what you just said, that you never lie.

That’s your standard, Governor.

The MAGA cult has no standards, and Republicans that did have any standards must chuck them in the garbage or they are no use to traitor Trump.

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