Byron Donalds: Johnson's Great Society Destroyed Black Families

Florida Republican Byron Donalds continued to claim Black families were better off in the Jim Crow era than after President Lyndon Johnson passed historic legislation to give them equal protection and rights under the laws of the U.S. Constitution.

Donalds joined Fox News to be interviewed by Bill Hemmer. Donalds is either ignorant of history or lying. Black Americans did not have access to or were viciously intimidated not to use the ballot box like they did after the Voting Rights Act passed.

What Donalds said and continues to say is reprehensible.

HEMMER: What were you trying to say then?

DONALDS: First of all, what we’re talking about in Philadelphia a couple of days ago was the importance of black families and united black families, growing black families in the United States.

That’s very, very important.

The empirical fact is that Lyndon Johnson’s policies, the Great Society and other issues led to a massive decline in the marriage rate in black America.

That is an empirical fact.

Donalds uses no facts or information to make these claims. I guess he willed it so.

As usual for a MAGA cultist, whenever their horrendous words and analogies are thrown back in their faces, they claim you’re gaslighting.

DONALDS: They are gaslighting. They’re lying. And so, Bill, to be blunt with you, I’m not going to be intimidated. I’m not going to go and do an apology tour.

They will gaslight. They will lie. They will twist words for that to be accomplished.

But I’m not going to let them twist my words.I’m going to stand up to them.

This is typical MAGA 101.

Donalds made the case that Black families were more conservative under Jim Crow, nobody else did.

HEMMER: You believe fundamentally that it was those policies in the mid-1960s that led African Americans down a worse road.

DONALDS: Well, Bill, let’s be clear.

It’s not about belief.

It’s the empirical fact.

The marriage rate in black America declined rapidly after the passage of a lot of the great society policies.

So it was destructive.

They only destructive forces are people like Donalds spreading insane lies and misinformation. The destructive forces after those policies were enacted was virulent racism against them. Donalds wouldn’t be a Congressman if not for Johnson’s actions.

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