Daily Show Eyerolls Over GOP Baltimore Bridge Conspiracies

Tuesday was a tragic day for the lives lost in the Baltimore bridge disaster.

The right didn’t take a breath before blaming DEI Gay Taliban Benghazi Solyndra Biden Crime Family for the accident. The top three videos this morning at Media Matters are all winger talking heads lying about the incident:


Best to leave it to Jordan Klepper [at the 2:34 mark in the video above] to review the nonsense:

JORDAN KLEPPER (HOST): As we’ve all heard by now, this morning, a cargo ship leaving Baltimore crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge, collapsing the entire bridge into the water.

Now, early indications suggest the crash was caused by a power failure on the ship. But that’s not gonna stop America’s professional fearmongers from blaming it on whatever’s most convenient to them.

  • [clip, Maria Bartiromo] The White House says there are no indications of foul play here. Of course, we’re all worried about a potential, you know, terrorist attack, uh, given the wide-open border.
  • [clip, Matt Schlapp] You know, I’m no expert on what’s going on on the seas, but all I would say is, is that, uh, if you talk to employers in America, they’ll tell you that, uh, filling slots with employees who aren’t drug-adled is a very huge problem.
  • [clip, Nancy Mace] What are we doing to make sure that we have the best infrastructure in the world so that when a ship passes by and clips the bridge, it doesn’t entirely collapse?
  • [clip, unidentified news anchor] Alex Jones tweeting, “‘Looks deliberate to me. A cyberattack is probable. World War III has already started.'”

World War III has already started?

But I have Dune tickets this weekend!

What? Can I at least see it before I enlist in the war? Who are we fighting, exactly? Is it boats? Are we fighting the boats?

You know what? Doesn’t matter. I’ll just start shooting. We’ll figure it out later.

Now, media figures, you are allowed to just say, we’re waiting for more information, right? We don’t need to fill every moment of uncertainty with bullshit. It might be too early to speculate, but can we prove that this wasn’t P. Diddy’s getaway sex barge? Stay tuned and find out.

Look, of course America’s infrastructure is in need of updating. Of course. But I don’t think this is the proof.

Going down is kind of what you expect a bridge to do when a giant cargo ship slams into it.

If your grandma gets body slammed by The Rock, you’re not gonna blame her broken bones on a calcium deficiency.

You’re gonna blame it on her not bringing her A-game to The Rock! You got to step it up, Nana!

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