Digital car subscription service seeks distributor for UK roll out

Danish car subscription service :Dribe is searching for a UK car distributor to support its digitally-driven concept.

:Dribe plans to roll out its concept and digital platform in the UK with its platform that offers short 30-day binding periods to provide subscribers with great flexibility.

According to a 2022 survey by McKinsey & Company, nearly half of Britons were interested in trying out a car subscription. While 17% responded that they were ‘rather interested’, 23% were ‘very interested’.

The initial step in :Dribe’s strategy is to enter a franchise agreement with a British car distributor, according to :Dribe CEO, Jesper Hill-Kjærsgaard.

“The dynamic urban lifestyles of the British creates a huge market for flexible mobility solutions, and with :Dribe’s digital platform, we aim to offer more flexible options for private consumers and businesses through shorter binding periods and faster car access,” said Hill-Kjærsgaard.

“We aim to improve mobility options in the UK in collaboration with a British car distributor, who recognises the benefits of implementing an innovative and scalable digital subscription concept to their existing operations in close collaboration with :Dribe.

“To achieve this, we have developed a plug-and-play model that streamlines the management of an extensive car fleet while facilitating a subscription-based business model with minimal manual intervention and optimal resource allocation. This approach offers a cost-effective way for a franchisee to launch a subscription business without having to embark on development from scratch.”

Dribe’s roll-out strategy in the UK market reflects its overall European expansion strategy. :Dribe recently partnered with the Greek car distributor Kosmocar which is the first outside of Denmark to launch Dribe’s concept and digital platform.

Yiannis Emirzas, CEO of Kosmocar, said he is optimistic about the new partnership. “With this franchise agreement, we are taking a confident step towards meeting the evolving need for simple, flexible, and sustainable mobility solutions. :Dribe offers us valuable knowhow in addition to a robust, highly advanced IT-platform and a plug-and-play model that is easy to implement.”

“By adding a well-tested, customer-driven subscription model to our existing business, we’re expanding our mobility services, and we are putting the power of mobility back into the hands of the people. We’re excited to embark on this journey and shape the way people move in Greece.”

:Dribe is owned by Semler Group, whose CEO Ulrik Drejsig, believes the new franchise agreement marks an important milestone.

“We have invested in :Dribe’s car subscription model to embrace a relational business method,” he said. “Now, five years into our journey, we are taking the first important step into the European market, and we are proud to have Kosmocar by our side. We hope to build a similarly strong relationship with a British franchise partner, who shares our passion for meeting their customer’s needs for quick, simple, and flexible car access.”

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