Elon Musk Threatens To Go 'Thermonuclear' On Media Matters For Reporting Truth

Twitter continues to lose advertisers after this article by MMFA pointed out that ads from large companies were being placed directly next to antisemitic content. Elon Musk is losing his mind, posting this bonkerstown threat about filing a “thermonuclear” lawsuit against MMFA for posting the truth. Mind you, in his post he actually confirms that what MMFA alleges is actually true. But Elon is mad that MMFA pointed it out.

Here is his threat:

Response from MMFA:

Angelo Carusone, from Media Matters, had this to say about the dumb threat of a lawsuit:

HOST: Let’s talk about the danger of those words…it wasn’t the first time Musk echoed antisemitic conspiracy theories from his social media bubble. And it wasn’t the first time he blamed antisemitism on Jewish actions, pinning the prejudice on its victims. Angelo, can you, again, reinforce the danger that these words carry?

CARUSONE: I think the thing that was most disturbing, when the original deal was being put on the table, was that Musk had sort of reflected back out his own journey of what he even described as red pill, the process by which you increasingly adopt these sort of world views. And he had said, there needed to be a mechanism by which we actually red pilled more people. That was around the same time he was beginning to buy Twitter. The intention there was not just to — he says it’s always about protecting free speech. That was a distraction. That’s not what it’s about at all. None of this conduct suggests that’s what his ownership and execution of x really is. It’s about taking these ideas and leveraging the power of a social media app to help evangelise and spread them.

When he lets more of these individuals back on the platform, the attention there, or the effect, regardless of the intention, I don’t know, but the effect, and he knows what the effect is, is to get more of that content on the platform to the algorithm can promote it and recommend it to potentially like-minded individuals. To help spread it. To help the idea metastasize. So the harm is taking something typically on the fringes and otherwise disconnected–we’ve always had the terrible thing in our country, the horrible bit. that is part of America. We have it here. It’s the bad part of it. What we haven’t had until recently is tools like social media that can supercharge it. That can connect all these other was discovered individuals and actually help turn those ideas into power. At the ballot box and on the streets. That’s what the real harm is. It does seem he’s executing his original intention, which is to kind of turn twitter into x, a supercharged engine of radicalization.

Twitter had thoughts:

Will Musk file his lawsuit? Chances are 0. But will he continue to whine about how mean people are being to him? 100%

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