Eric Hovde Can't Overcome Carpetbagger Baggage

California banker Eric Hovde’s campaign to be a US Senator from Wisconsin is in trouble.
Even before the carpetbagger officially announced that he was running, Democrats were pounding on the fact that old Pornstache has a $7 million mansion in Laguna Beach, California, which is about 15 miles from the headquarters of the banks he has out west. They also make sure people know that he was named on of the most influential people in Orange County for three years in a row.

To counter that, Hovde ran an ad featuring his wife saying he was just a regular Wisconsinite. He then ran a strange video of himself in a semi-frozen lake, trying to pretend that is something Wisconsinites do. (It isn’t.)

Now he’s come out with a third ad trying to prove his cheese cred. Ironically, the title of the ad is the same as the first one, “Wisconsin Roots.” In this ad, he shows his childhood home, his high school from 42 years ago and claims that he went to UW-Madison back in the 80s. He doesn’t talk about anything recent and he doesn’t even try to explain why he owns a mansion and some businesses in California and the Orange County community’s respect. And he certainly doesn’t try to explain why he’s missed more than half of the last 30 votes.

Hovde has to face the fact that with just five months to go before the election and after running multiple ads, the very fact that he is still trying to even convince people that he is really a Wisconsinite shows that his campaign in in deep trouble, no matter how much money he pumps into it.

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