Even The WSJ Is Ripping Mike Johnson Over Killing Border Bill

Speaker Mike Johnson may think he can dance to Trump’s tune by killing the bill without consequence, but the house organ of Republican donors is ripping him to shreds.

“The Wall Street Journal editorial page, as Willie said, ‘Read the bill, Mikey.’ They don’t care if Mikey likes it or not. They have read the bill. This is what they have to say, Gene Robinson. Unbelievable.

” ‘A border security bill worth passing. The Senate bill has reforms Trump never came close to getting. By any honest reckoning, this — says The Wall Street Journal, ‘by any honest reckoning,’ but that’s something Mike Johnson wouldn’t know anything about. ‘By any honest’ — honest is the word, Mikey. Look up that in your Bible that you’ve made up.

“‘By any honest reckoning. this is the most restrictive migrant legislation in decades. Previous immigration talks have involved trading security measures for legalizing more immigration. There is little of that in this bill. This is almost entirely a border security bill and its provisions include long-time GOP priorities that the party restrictionists could never have passed only a few months ago.’ Are you listening, Mikey? Just because Donald tells you to jump doesn’t mean that you have put America’s security at risk. Because as the Journal says, there are parts in this bill that quote ‘party restrictionists could never have passed a few months ago. If Republicans reject this bill, they will hand Democrats an argument that the GOP wants border chaos they can exploit as a campaign issue. The chaos will continue for at least another year. For Mike Johnson, to America, go to hell.

“Mike Johnson to America, drop dead. Mike Johnson to Israel, drop dead. Mike johnson to Ukraine, drop dead. Another year. Another year of fentanyl streaming across the border. another year of illegal immigrants streaming cross the border. All because Donald Trump told Mike Johnson, the same Donald Trump who said he wanted a depression, he wanted Americans retirements destroyed, wanted their economy destroyed so he could get re-elected. Donald Trump is telling Mike Johnson, I want the border open for another year. What does that mean? This is not MSNBC primetime. This is not the New York Times editorial page. This is the voice of the conservative movement, and this is what the Wall Street Journal editorial page is saying.

“The chaos will continue for at least another year. Because of you, Mike Johnson. Because you have, Donald Trump. the fentanyl will flood across the border for another year because of you. Because James Langford has put together the most restrictive border security bill ever. Ever. The chaos will continue for at least another year. republicans may think they can write a better law if Mr. Trump wins in November, but don’t count on it.

“Mr. build that wall. Mr. put children in cages. Mr. I’m the toughest president ever on illegal immigration. Never, ever did Donald Trump come close to getting legislation this restrictive and so restrictive that border security agents are begging Republicans, please pass this. Make our lives better. Make our lives safer. make our jobs safer. please pass this. And they just won’t.”

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