FAIL: Desperate Hannity Throws Kitchen Sink At Biden

On Wednesday evening, a desperate Sean Hannity claimed Joseph Robinette Biden Junior, President of the United States, wants to take all meat and meat products away from American households.

This is wacky, even for the Fox News host.

The polls are tightening nationwide after President Biden’s strong State of the Union address, so Hannity decided to revive every idiotic MAGA attack line against President Biden that doesn’t include the disgusting culture wars.

“Americans seem to miss prosperity, and peace, and stability, and safety, and security. They see what Biden is doing at the border, they know he has been spending recklessly, they see Biden inflation,” Hannity ranted.

(COVID supply chain disruptions caused inflation to skyrocket. Corporate gouging has also contributed to these issues, but you won’t hear that on Fox News.)

“They reject the overbearing Green New Deal regulations,” he said. “You know? You gotta get an electric vehicle.

(Like who? Texas?) As Americans, you don’t have to do anything, but tax credits on electric vehicles might make them more attractive to consumers.

“They want to take away your stove, your refrigerator, your air conditioner, he said once again, citing debunked nonsense from the MAGA Congress. “They even want to take away your meat.”


All proveable lies. We know the Murdochs are desperate if Hannity is throwing this garbage against the walls.

Points off, Sean, for omitting Solyndra Benghazi baby parts pizzagate birth certificate tan suit Christmas card lists, and the tarmac.

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