Fox Hosts Complain Biden ‘Too Afraid To Kill Iranians’

The same folks who hate vaccines and love (white) vigilante killer Kyle Rittenhouse are now pushing for a bigger war in the Middle East – for other people to do the fighting and dying, of course.

On Friday’s Outnumbered, none of the three cohosts salivating for a bigger Middle East conflagration had a single credential in foreign policy or military experience. Cohost Lili Gil Valletta, a Hispanic marketing expert, didn’t let her lack of expertise stop her from declaring that it’s “concerning” that “America is divided in our sentiment towards retaliating,” presumably against Iranian-backed attacks on U.S. assets in the region. The marketing expert then added, “Only power with the strongest force is what works because words just come and go.”

That prompted a “yeah” from “neutral journalist” Harris Faulkner. She’s another one with no credentials in Middle East policy or military strategy, unless you count growing up as a military brat as a credential. She piled on to Valetta’s war mongering, saying, “I’m looking for a little less conversation, a little bit more whack-a-mole.”

Next up, Fox News contributor and radio host Tammy Bruce who – you guessed it – never spent a second serving her country or gaining expertise in the field in which she now played an expert on TV. As part of some odd analogy about leaving a small tip, she concluded by saying, “We’re too afraid to kill Iranians.” Not doing so “will lead to more slaughter, more murder and, I don’t know, a nuclear exchange.”

“We don’t know, but it’s Biden’s fault,” Bruce concluded.

That’s right, none of them know anything except that it’s their job to blame Biden and advocate for more death and destruction, especially of people of color.

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