Fox News Host Confronts Top GOPer With 19% Approval Rating

Fox News host confronted Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), the fourth-ranking House Republican, with Congress’ 19% approval rating.

“We have this possibility of a government shutdown days away, analysts say mostly because of internal strife within the GOP,” Bream told Stefanik in a Sunday interview.

The Fox News host noted that Axios had recently described Republican failure to pass a budget bill as “paralyzed chaos.”

“Our brand new Fox News poll also puts congressional approval at 19%,” Bream added. “So you guys run the house now. What do you tell the American people about the fact that we can’t even move a defense bill to fund our troops?”

Stefanik insisted Republicans were “in a very good place.”

“We are working through this, and I’m optimistic that we will continue to move the appropriations process forward,” she continued. “And that includes the DOD appropriations bill. That also includes potentially a continuing resolution to ensure that we do not face a government shutdown.

“We have to rein in this reckless, out-of-control spending that we’ve seen under the Biden administration,” Stefanik argued.

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