Gaslighting Kellyanne Conway Pretends Trump Didn't Try To Go After Clinton

Fox’s Sean Hannity and his fellow Trump enabler Kellyanne Conway served up a big heaping helping of revisionist history on whether Trump wants to be a dictator and trample all over our Constitution, and the fact that he did indeed try to have Hillary Clinton “locked up.”

Conway made an appearance on Hannity’s show this Thursday, and was asked about a portion of Hannity’s interview which aired the day before, an interview where Trump again suggested that he would try to prosecute political opponents if we’re unfortunate enough to have him be reelected, and ConJob tried to pretend Trump doesn’t have a spiteful bone in his body.

Here’s the two of them trying to do some major damage control for Trump on the heels of another disastrous interview he did on Fox earlier this week.

HANNITY: So in spite of this phony characterization by the media mob and Democrats, Donald Trump is not running to become some kind of third world dictator. He’s not trying to rewrite the Constitution. He’s pledging not to abuse power.

This is simply a caricature created by psychotic Trump haters on the hard left and in the media mob. Donald Trump is not running for revenge. He’s not running out of spite. He’s running to make your country a better place with a nonpartisan justice system, equal justice under the law, equal application of our laws.

Yeah. And that means if you’re guilty, you’re going to be held accountable. A bureaucracy that is held accountable, a border that is secure, a world that is peaceful with safety and prosperity for all.

Can you say the same thing about Biden and the radical Democrats? They didn’t even want him on the ballot in states for crying out loud.

Anyway, here with reaction. Fox News contributors, Kellyanne Conway, Charlie Hurt with us. Kellyanne, get your initial reaction, not just to those answers, but Donald Trump’s interview last night. And feel free to criticize the host.

CONWAY: It’s a terrific interview. I’m so glad, no, I would not do that. I’m glad you asked him that question. I’m glad you asked him to repeat it because this is the new narrative by all the lemmings and the mainstream media this week – Trump wants revenge and vengeance.

He’s the one who’s had that visited upon him. And if you need any evidence, look no further than how he just stood down in any kind of prosecution of Hillary Clinton, and retribution after he beat her fairly and squarely and racked up 304 electoral votes in 2016.

Many people said lock her up. I think now with Biden, it’s prop him up. That’s a new three word chant we should have. But Trump is the one saying, let’s move forward that we need to undo the damage of the Biden legacy.

And you know what, Sean, I don’t think that this narrative is going to take hold, except among the elites, the rich people, who are trying to ruin this country by telling everybody what they should think, how they should vote.

Lots of projection there from both Hannity and Ms. Alternative Facts, and of course, lots of lying.

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