Grandpa's Small Gesture Is The Perfect Example Respecting Boundaries

Something is refreshing and hopeful about a story that centers around an older generation grandpa listening, learning, and respecting the boundaries of his children and their children. TikTok mom Tracy Ellis shared a sweet anecdote about her dad that is now going viral.

In the video, Ellis explains that when her dad stops over to visit his grandkids, he typically brings some sort of sweet treat with him. She went on to explain that the frequency got to be a bit too much for her, so she kindly asked him to hold off on bringing over candy and chocolate at every visit.

“Whenever my dad stops by our house, he brings treats for my kids like candies and chocolates. I kindly asked him to limit the sugary treats from now on so the kids don’t get too used to candy every day,” she wrote in text overlay on the video.

The next clip shows how her dad adapted to her request, respecting her boundaries while still feeling like he could give to his grandkids.

Ellis cuts the video to doorbell camera footage of her dad at her front door with containers of raspberries and strawberries in hand. Cuteness overload!

“Grandpa over here respecting boundaries by bringing berries. Love him for that,” Ellis wrote in the caption.

After the video went viral, several TikTok users noted how sweet the moment was, wishing they had parents like Ellis who took their kid’s boundaries to heart and made proper adjustments.

“Love this! He found an alternative, a lot of grandparents would be mad that you weren’t letting them ‘have fun,’” one user wrote.

Ellis responded, “He said, ‘I asked Grandma which fruit I should choose and she told me strawberries. I threw the raspberries in for extra.’”

“Him looking down at them and adjusting them just gives me ‘hope these will do’ vibes and that’s just ugghh😩😩 you’re blessed mama!!,” another said.

“Love this. Being a grandparent should be about supporting your kids through parenthood. Not making it harder,” one person wrote.

One user noted, “Not only is that the sweetest, my kids would be just as excited for the strawberries as they are for candy.”

“He was so happy they got just as excited over the berries!” Ellis replied.

“This! 🙌🙌 She did not limit is ability to be the G-pa who brings treats, he just needed to expand his idea of treats! Love it!” one user applauded.

Other people were critical of Ellis for “telling” her dad what to bring, saying she was being overly controlling of the situation.

“The amount of comments on here saying this is too controlling is absolutely laughable. Good job mama. Berries are a treat!” one user said of the negative comments.

Ellis replied, “I didn’t tell, I asked… he didn’t HAVE to, but he chose to switch it up to show my respect. It’s not controlling… this is love❤️”

Ellis said that her dad was so pleased with the kids’ reaction to the berries that he plans to bring other “treats” for the kids with each visit that fit within mom’s guidelines.

“Maybe I’ll make a series showing what he comes up with 😆,” she wrote while also assuring the naysayers that grandpa will still bring candy sometimes. It’s all about moderation, right?

What’s the opposite of an Almond Mom? A Berry Dad? If so, we need so many more Berry Dads in this world!

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