Guiliani Is Hella Mad About Super Bowl's Black National Anthem

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said that he was personally insulted after what’s known as “The Black National Anthem” was scheduled to be performed at the Super Bowl.

On Giuliani’s Sunday WABC radio program, co-host Maria Ryan said she had a “beef” with the NFL.

“They’re going to do what’s called a Black National Anthem, and then America’s National Anthem,” she explained. “Please stop dividing us. We can’t allow this. If you want to sing another song, that’s fine. I don’t care about that at all, but to call it Black National Anthem is dividing us. We’re all American citizens.”

Giuliani agreed.

“I don’t even know how to justify that,” he said. “Why not play the Mexican National Anthem, or the Italian National Anthem, or the French National Anthem? There are a lot of groups, like Tikvah, the Israeli National Anthem.”

“This country is made up of people that come from places that have other national anthems, and it’s pretty damn insulting,” Giuliani added. “The people that are being persecuted the most right now in the country are the Jews, not the Blacks.”

“Where’s the sympathy for the Jewish people?”

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