Gym Jordan: Social Media Discriminates Against Conservatives

Lesley Stahl interviewed Gym Jordan last night on 60 Minutes about social media sites and misinformation, and this exchange went about how you’d think it would. Via HuffPost:

“What about this idea that the 2020 election was stolen?” asked correspondent Lesley Stahl. “You think that these companies should allow people to say that and that individuals can make up their own mind.”

“I’ve not said that,” said Jordan, who is on the record pushing conspiracy theories about the 2020 election. “What I’ve said is there were concerns about the 2020 election; I think Americans agree with that.”

“No, they don’t,” said Stahl.

“You don’t think they think there were concerns with the 2020 election?” he said.

“Most people don’t question the result, that’s all I’m saying,” Stahl said.

“Fair enough,” said Jordan.

Then it got awkward.

“They don’t question whether Biden won or not,” she said.

Jordan was silent.

“Right?” she asked.

Jordan remained silent.

“Right?” she asked again.

Jordan looked puzzled.

“Most people don’t question the outcome,” she said.

“Right,” Jordan agreed.

Here’s some proof the American people aren’t smart:

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