Hey Rudy, Don't You Have A Court Date To Attend?

So Real America “News” caught up with Rudy Guiliani at what we have to assume is an open bar event. Rudy and Conservative host Dan Ball (Washer, obv) discussed the important topic of…

…abolishing the “Democrat” party.

So it was an open bar AND a circle jerk? While you’re out on bail? Fun times!

RUDY GUILIANI: Right now the Republican Party is a means to an objective, if you want to get there through conservative party, independent party… gosh, if you want to be a Democrat and vote Republican! [But] I think you got to get rid of the Democrat Party, I think it’s become too corrupt at the top. They probably should get rid of it if they’re not hypocrites. Think of all the statues they take down because of slavery and whatever. Nobody had more to do with slavery than the Democrat Party, they were the architects of it.

Rudy’s cocktail-addled brain still remembers the old Dinesh D’Souza trick of “pretending the Civil Rights Act of 1964 never happened.”

Hey, when is Rudy’s next trial date? Dan Ball didn’t ask.

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