Honeymoon Over: Chip Roy Is MAGA Mad At Johnson’s Budget Resolution

Newly minted House Speaker Mike Johnson’s honeymoon with the House appears to be cut short after nearly all the Democrats along with half the Republicans passed a clean continuing resolution (CR) to fund the government through the end of the year with Johnson’s help. You see, MAGA only knows how to break things. Fixing them isn’t what they do. MAGA Republicans voted against it.

“$1.6 trillion spending level at the Pelosi spending level, the Pelosi spending policies and priorities,” Roy said. “And that’s what this is doing.”

“We have Republicans who violently opposed that bill a year ago and the Omnibus bill last December, who are now trying to say that we need to continue that,” he continued.

“Again, that’s precisely what was put down on Saturday, on October 1st, that then resulted in the motion to vacate against Kevin that following Tuesday,” he added. “And here we are, we’re doing the same thing.”

But of course, he would have been OK with tax cuts for the wealthiest. We know how this works out. The poors aren’t hurt enough.

Stay mad, you salty bitch:

I love how they blame spending on Democrats as if we were in a coma during Trump’s time in office.

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