House GOP Delivers A Massive Self-Own, The Internet Pounces

One of the differences with the Biden vs. Trump mishandling of classified documents is that Donald still thinks those docs belonged to him, so he went to extraordinary lengths to keep them. With Biden, we can rest assured that it will never happen again. Lesson learned! With Trump, he will do it again. The former President is facing 40 federal charges for obstruction and allegedly keeping dozens of classified documents once he left the White House in disgrace. Biden has been investigated after promptly returning the documents and is not facing charges.

The House GOP account just killed irony by tweeting, “A man who can’t even be held responsible for mishandling classified information properly has absolutely no business occupying the Oval Office.

Trump supporters are the least self-aware people in the world. Xitter users noticed that, too.

Who runs that account? It’s as if they’ve never heard of Donald Trump before.

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