How online casinos have revolutionised Bingo

Believed to have originated in 1530, Bingo has evolved to become one of the most popular games of chance of all time. Gone are the days when you had to travel to your local Bingo hall to play the game.

Nowadays, you can log into your favourite online casino site on your chosen device, from anywhere you have internet access and try your chances at a game of Bingo.

But that’s not all. Technological advances have revolutionised online casino games – Bingo included, with the addition of new, unique games like Slingo UK available to play!

Read on to find out how online casinos have enabled the game of chance to evolve.

Different Bingo variations

The fundamentals of online Bingo remain the same as that of the familiar land-based games. However, online, there are even more variations of games to choose from.

You could play 40-ball Bingo for a quick game on a two-by-four grid. There’s the classic 75-ball Bingo, usually played on a five-by-five grid, and 80-ball Bingo which is played on a four-by-four grid. Or, you could play the original 90-ball Bingo games, played on a three-by-nine grid.

Themed Bingo games

You’ll also find themed Bingo games online, such as those inspired by popular game franchises like Age of the Gods or Rainbow Riches, and television gameshow-inspired games like Deal or No Deal, for example.

Some themed Bingo games even have special features like multipliers, making for an even more unique spin to gameplay.


Speaking of a unique spin to gameplay, many online casino sites also offer Slingo games in their Bingo rooms – a unique hybrid game inspired by Bingo and Slots!

Based on 75-ball Bingo and a five-reel slot, Slingo features a five-by-five grid and a set of reels just below. Instead of a caller, the icons you can cross off your grid are decided by the random outcome of the spinning reels, which feature unique symbols that take gameplay to another level.

You might find Joker symbols, which allow you to cross off any number or symbol you like from the corresponding row. Or, even better, Super Joker symbols might spin onto the reels, allowing you to cross off any number or symbol from anywhere on your grid!

You’ll have a set number of time and a score to beat to land as many slingos as you can. But be careful, because some of the special symbols throughout gameplay might block you from crossing anything off in a particular round!

Ultimately, the aim of Slingo is to create slingos by crossing off as many corresponding numbers and symbols to those that land on the reels as you can. A perfect combination of two of the most popular games of chance!

With unique graphics, themes and ways to play the iconic game, it’s clear Bingo has stood the test of time. From its earliest days as Le Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia – the Italian National Lottery – to becoming known as Bingo in the 1900s, to then becoming a wartime pastime and continuing to evolve onto our screens, do you think you’ll be trying your chances at this iconic game online, or at a more traditional land-based venue?

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