IAAF launches myth busting campaign to support independent garages

The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) is launching a new campaign to clarify the rights of independent repairers and motorists.

The new campaign will be launched at the UK Garage and Bodyshop Event this week (June 5-6) and has been prompted by the updated Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Order (MV-BEO) in June last year.

The IAAF’s campaign will tackle myths head-on, “providing clear and accurate information”. 

This includes myths around: work during the warranty period, spare parts, the use of tools and equipment, and digital service records, to name a few.

​This access should be free of charge, though some manufacturers may impose an administration registration fee.

​Mark Field, chief executive of IAAF, said: “Our new campaign is essential in dispelling the misconceptions that hinder the independent aftermarket and will form part of our ongoing ‘Right to Repair’ initiative.

“By providing clear and accurate information, in a format that is easily digestible and accessible for its intended audience, we will champion the rights of the independent aftermarket and the competitive choice for motorists.”

​The IAAF said it will be posting further details of its new campaign on Facebook, X and LinkedIn.

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