Indicted Rudy Giuliani: 'I’m Very, Very Proud' Of Trying To Overthrow Arizona Election Results

After being booked on felony charges in Arizona, disgraced former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani told reporters he was very proud of what he did in Arizona.

The Guardian writes, “The grand jury charged Giuliani with pressuring Arizona legislators and the Maricopa county board of supervisors to change the result of the state’s presidential election – and with encouraging Republican electors in Arizona and six other contested states to vote for Trump.”

KPNX: Do you have any regrets about what you did in Arizona after the election?

Rudy: Oh my goodness no.

KPNX: Why not?

Rudy: I’m very very proud of it.

KPNX: Proud of it? Proud of trying to overturn the vote?

Rudy: That’s that’s your words.

That’s exactly what Rudy and his cohorts did, but Giuliani badgered the reporter for asking honest questions and asked if he was not on his side.

Rudy: That’s a heck of a prejudiced viewpoint.

KPNX: Well, okay, you said your answer was heck no, why not?

Rudy: Because there was a substantial amount of vote fraud that went on here. That was covered up. Probably one of the biggest conspiracies in American history and I think that’s coming out over and over again.

KPNX: Where’s the evidence the election was stolen sir?

Rudy: For all honest people you can see it. For people who are operating under a kind of Democratic brainwashing and fraud you refuse to see it.

KPNX:It’s the crime of this it’s the crime of the century as it’s been called. Where’s the evidence?

Rudy: The evidence is abundant. It’s tremendous amount of evidence.

KPNX: Do you believe you’ll be acquitted sir?

Rudy: I believe the case will be dismissed as unconstitutional. This is a complete misuse of the criminal process to interfere with the 2024 election.

If you refuse to believe the BIG Lie, you’ve been brainwashed.
The disgraced attorney then continued to lie to the press and continued to claim with no evidence, there was massive fraud in Arizona and the election was stolen.

Oh, and now his indictments are a deep-state conspiracy in the 2024 election. Is Rudy running for office?

Is Rudy aware that the prosecutor could use video of his comments in the case against him? Wasn’t he a prosecutor once?

What a pathetic man.

Rudy and MAGA have learned well from Joseph Goebbels. Lie and continue to lie.

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