Iowa Woman, 52 Counts Of Voter Fraud, Sentenced To 8 Months

In handing down his sentence, Judge Leonard Strand dismissed notions that was somehow political interference involved, just because Taylor is the wife of Republican Woodbury County Supervisor Jeremy Taylor. He instead chastised law enforcement who sent a strike team to arrest her, because of weapons in the home. “Most appalling was the way the arrest was carried out… seems like it was completely unnecessary.”

Taylor had been looking at a maximum sentence of five years for each count of her ballot-stuffing crimewave. Instead, she received an eight-month sentence, four months of which will be in prison, and four months at home with an ankle bracelet. She will also pay a special assessment of $5,200.

So it goes.

Source: KITV Sioux City

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – A Woodbury County woman found guilty of over 50 counts of voter fraud has received her sentence.

Kim Taylor, the wife of Woodbury County Supervisor Jeremy Taylor, was in court Monday afternoon and received an eight-month sentence. Four months will be served in prison and four months will be home confinement. She will also have two years of supervised release immediately after her release from prison. She will also pay a special assessment of $5,200.

Not only a fraction of the maximum sentence, but much less than the government had asked for. The judge said guidelines called for a sentence of 18-24 months, but he says that’s not justified in this case.

Prosecutors say it was all in an effort to get her husband, Jeremy Taylor, elected. Of course, Jeremy Taylor was ultimately elected to the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors, though he doesn’t face any charges of his own.

Prosecutors were able to prove that Kim Taylor illegally filled out voting materials, failed to translate warnings that her victims could not cast votes in the name of their family members, and forged signatures on voting affidavits.

In pronouncing his sentence, the judge said, “there are people who are going to wonder if there’s a political angle.”

I’m sure that nothing could be further from the truth, eh?

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