Irony Dies As 'Truth Social' Sues Over 'Fabricated Numbers'

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Lawsuit! Lawsuit!

Truth Social is suing the librul media for COLLUSION in reporting a number, $73 million, that they definitely DID NOT LOSE as a financial entity! Because hey, the number 73,000,000 doesn’t appear anywhere in our filing! He’s suing twenty media outlets, including the Guardian and MSNBC, for reporting the number 73.

The lawsuit says this (don’t be reading this with coffee in your mouth; you’ll definitely need a new keyboard).

1. This case is about an unprecedented and seemingly coordinated media campaign, by no less than 20 major media outlets, to attack Trump Media & Technology Group (“TMTG”) and its social media platform, Truth Social, by falsely reporting that TMTG had lost $73 million.

2. This number was an utter fabrication. Each defendant, in apparent coordination, reported the exact same false number within approximately 24 hours of one another, each citing to a public Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) filing, in which the mystery $73 million loss appears nowhere.

Now to be fair, SEC filings are remarkably obtuse and difficult to parse, including things like “derivative liabilities.” But the filings are also public (pdf link to the whole thing here). And the fact that the number “73” does not appear does not mean the media outlets didn’t add up the liabilities and come up with that number.

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