Is Tucker Carlson Finally Getting His Long Awaited Putin Interview?

Tucker Carlson repeatedly lashed out at the media for rightfully calling out his love affair with Putin, but it looks like he may finally be getting his long awaited interview with the Russian president.

Tucker Carlson Reportedly Spotted In Moscow As Fans Speculate Interview With Putin:

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson was reportedly spotted in Moscow over the weekend, leading fans to speculate he plans on interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to the popular Russian telegram channel Mash, Carlson after arriving to the country on February 1st has spent the last three days in Moscow. The conservative firebrand was first seen boarding a plane on Turkish Airlines from Istanbul to Moscow Vnukovo airport.

On Saturday, Carlson reportedly attended the ballet “Spartacus” at the Bolshoi theater in the Russian capital. Pictures began to surface over the weekend showing Carlson at the theater and in the airport heading to Russia.

Of course, right wing troll Marjorie Taylor Greene is in Tucker’s corner:

Look where Carlson was spotted prior to his trip to Russia:

Here are some of the more appropriate responses to Carlson’s appearance in Russia from Xitter:

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