It’s Peak Wedding Season: 40 Bridesmaid Nail Ideas to Match Any Theme

As a new bride-to-be, I am knee-deep in wedding planning. I was naïve to think that putting a wedding together was just a pick-and-choose situation—there are so many tiny details that can slip through the cracks! I’m totally dreaming about getting ready with my best girlfriends the morning of my wedding, but some details need to be settled before we can get all glammed up for the big day, from the dresses to hair to makeup down to the coordinated bridesmaid nail designs.

If you’re a bride-to-be planning their dream wedding (or a maid of honor taking on details to help with the planning process—thank you, queen!), read on to discover 40 ideas for bridesmaid nails to match any wedding theme, from black tie to garden party.

1. Baby Pink

Source: @gel.bymegan

Romantic and elegant, this ballerina pink matches any bridesmaid dress for a more neutral manicure.

2. French Tips with Pearls

bridal party nail ideas—white tips with pearl accents
Source: @gelsbybry

The delicate pearl details add an elegant touch to these classic French tips.

3. Sparkly Pink

bridal party nail ideas—shiny baby pink
Source: @themaniclub

This color gives the perfect pearly effect for a romantic pink bridal party look.

4. Bright Pink Micro French

bridal party nail ideas
Source: @matejanova

These teeny-tiny French tips could almost be mistaken for nude nails, which is what we love about them. Pair this pink set with stunning peach bridesmaid’s dresses.

5. Snow Blue

bridal party nail ideas—icy blue shimmer
Source: @gel.bymegan

Having a winter wedding? These nails remind us of sparkling snowflakes in a winter wonderland.

6. Almond French Tips

bridal party nail ideas—almond shaped french tips
Source: @gelsbybry

A true classic, these almond-shaped French tips are a great option for a more minimalist look.

7. Marble Flowers

bridal party nail ideas—nude with marbled flowers
Source: @gelsbyabi_

This marbled floral design effortlessly blends bright colors for a more subtle yet stunningly detailed look.

8. Lavender

bridal party nail ideas—lavender nail polish
Source: @gels.bymegan

Imagine these nails for your bridal party in a dreamy lavender field wedding or paired with a stunning lavender bridesmaid dress.

9. Glitter and Dainty Flowers

bridal party nail ideas—glitter and daisies desgin
Source: @gelsbybry

This shimmery simple style can be matched to any theme, but we particularly love them for an evening garden wedding.

10. Shimmery Mauve

bridal party nail ideas—blush pink shimmer
Source: @themaniclub

Light pink might be the more traditional pick, but this dark sparkling blush color is just as lovely.

11. Milky Nude

bridal party nail ideas—natural nude polish
Source: @gels.bymegan

For a clean manicured look without committing to a detailed design, try this milky nude color.

12. Black and White Florals

bridal party nail ideas—black and white flowers
Source: @daniellesbeautystudio_

Florals don’t always have to be colorful. These black-and-white daisy nails have a timeless feel for a black-tie wedding.

13. Shiny Nude Pink

bridal party nail ideas—shiny nude polish
Source: @gel.bymegan

Nude pink is the ultimate bridesmaid color, and this polish adds the perfect amount of shine to make the simple shade pop.

14. Ballet Ribbon Pink

bridal party nail ideas—nude pink
Source: @paintedbyjools

Every manicurist knows this color is a cult classic for bridal parties. It is as timeless as it is versatile.

15. Bright Pink Florals

bridal party nail ideas—bright floral design
Source: @lindseysbeautylounge1

This bright design can be altered for any wedding palette. We love that these bright colors bring cheerful vibes to your big day!

16. Rose Gold Flakes

bridal party nail ideas—rose gold flakes
Source: @gel.bymegan

These nails totally give romantic flower petal vibes. If you want to add a little extra sparkle to your bridal party look, this is the perfect option.

17. Champagne Pearlescent

bridal party nail ideas—pearlescent polish
Source: @themaniclub

Pop the bubbly! This sheer champagne polish deserves a toast of its own.

18. Chocolate Tones

bridal party nail ideas—chocolate brown
Source: @paintedbyjools

Looking for a neutral dark tone for a fall or winter wedding? These chocolate nails are it!

19. Greenery Accent Nails

bridal party nail ideas—matte sage green with floral design
Source: @nails_by_stacey_griffiths

This floral design utilizes green tones and leaf designs to give an organic feel to the look. It’s perfect for any greenery-accented weddings.

20. Silver Flakes

bridal party nail ideas—silver flakes
Source: @gel.bymegan

This milky manicure with silver flakes is a dreamy bridal party look for a winter wedding with blue or grey bridesmaid dresses.

21. Black Micro-French

bridal party nail ideas—black micro french tips
Source: @josieswanell.manicurict

For elegant black-tie wedding brides, check out these timeless micro French tips for your bridal party.

22. Shiny Olive Green

bridal party nail ideas—shiny forest green
Source: @gel.bymegan

They say that the only color couples can agree on is sage green, so why not lean into it? This design adds a shiny look to the dreamy olive green color.

23. Sheer Pearlescent

bridal party nail ideas—sheer iridescent shimmer
Source: @themaniclub

For the pearls over diamonds brides, these nails are an ideal pearly accent for the bridal party.

24. Spring Flowers and French Tips

bridal party nail ideas—white tips with multicolored flowers
Source: @gelsbybry

These colorful nails match a garden wedding theme perfectly. Paired with French tips, they’re the ideal subtle accent.

25. Blue Micro French Tips

bridal party nail ideas—baby blue micro tips
Source: @matejanova

This design is the perfect subtle ode to a bride’s something blue. Plus, this light blue shade is totally trending this year.

26. Taupe Nails

bridal party nail ideas—taupe polish
Source: @gel.bymegan

This darker take on the traditional nude color is a neutral polish that will match a variety of bridesmaid dresses.

27. Sage Tips and Floral Design

bridal party nail ideas—sage tips and flowers
Source: @enailsshuddersfield

Is it just me, or is green one of the most common wedding colors? This beautiful design is proof it’s always a good choice.

28. Pink Tips

bridal party nail ideas—pink micro tips
Source: @gel.bymegan

French tips are extremely versatile and work with any bridesmaid dress color. Try these light pink tips for a romantic twist on a traditional style.

29. Bright Blue Nails

bridal party nail ideas—classic blue polish
Source: @themaniclub

This color is the most dreamy shade of light blue for a summer or spring wedding. These nails definitely pop and will stand out with any theme!

30. Dew Drop Accents

bridal party nail ideas—dew drop design
Source: @matejanova

These dewy crystal accents against a completely neutral nail have us in awe. This is great for drawing attention to your bridesmaids’ jewelry.

31. Gold French Tips

bridal party nail ideas—mettalic gold french tips
Source: @gel.bymegan

This subtle metallic French tips look is the perfect way to accessorize your bridesmaids’ nails.

32. Minimalist Hearts

bridal party nail ideas—minimalist heart design
Source: @matejanova

Celebrate the theme of love with this minimalist heart design. It’s so subtle, guests will be surprised when they take a closer peek at the bridal party’s nails.

33. Solid Gold

bridal party nail ideas—metallic gold polish
Source: @gel.bymegan

There’s a reason gold is a classic accessory color. It is so versatile that it can go with any color scheme including springtime florals, warm autumn tones, and deep winter hues.

34. Milky White Nails

bridal party nail ideas—milky white polish
Source: @themanuclub

Traditional white nails can sometimes contrast harshly against beautiful bridesmaid dresses—these milky nails are the perfect solution.

35. Butter Yellow Nails

bridal party nail ideas—butter yellow polish
Source: @matejanova

It’s the “it” color for 2024 and it’s here to stay! Think of this butter-yellow shade as a new neutral for your bridal party palette.

36. Silver Double Outline

bridal party nail ideas—silver half circle outline
Source: @gel.bymegan

The ultra-fine details paired with the sparkle of the silver glitter give this minimalistic manicure an elevated look.

37. Shiny Blue Nails

bridal party nail ideas—icy bright blue
Source: @themaniclub

Give your “something blue” a little extra pop with this icy blue shade that’s also perfect for a January or February wedding.

38. Sandy Neutral

bridal party nail ideas—tan nude polisj

The sand-colored polish is a neutral hue for any skin tone.

39. Minimalist Dots

bridal party nail ideas—minimalist white dot
Source: @themaniclub

For our minimalist brides, this design ties in a little white dot detail effortlessly with any bridal party look.

40. Rose Gold Nails

bridal party nail ideas—rose gold polish

Rose gold was a hot color in 2023, but we think it’s the perfect shade for a bridal party at a wedding featuring cool-toned hues.

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