MAGA Rep. Worried About 'Great White Men Replacement Theory'

Representative Glenn Grothman, while appearing on a podcast, fell back to an old favorite conspiracy theory of his – that liberals are out to destroy the family unit by removing the fathers:

I ask people what’s different about today, what are the problems today, I think the number one thing is they feel the breakdown of the family. And when I ask them why they think there was a breakdown of family, maybe they say vaguely a decline in the importance of religion, but actually, there are people who all along wanted to destroy the family.

Okay, if you look in the 60s, the feminist movement, Kate Millet was anti-family, a goal of the feminist movement was to get the man out of the family. Angela Davis, superstar radical during the 60s, one of her goals was to destroy the family. And of course, then you move up in time, even the Black Lives Matter movement, the founders of Black Lives Matter, a goal was to destroy the family. Okay, so you’d say, how could the government weigh in to make sure we didn’t have two parents in the home? Well, they could do it through programs that began during the Great Society in the 60s and continue to be expanded today in which you get low income housing, you get food stamps, you get daycare, you get cash, you get all these things provided you don’t get married to a man with a decent income.

Grothman has been making variations of this complaint for decades, although his favorite targets are single Black mothers, whom he has blamed for everything from child abuse to the need for social safety nets.

But despite his decades of the same old rant, he has never offered up why Blacks, feminists, or anyone else would want to remove the fathers from the family. Maybe he’s trying to use that as a rationale for his being a confirmed bachelor his whole life.

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