Marge Continues To Behave Like A Fool In The House

Trump was indicted and found guilty on 34 felony counts related to his election interference and hush money payoffs to a porn star, but Marjorie Taylor Greene views any corruption by Trump as a divine action.

In this video, the QAnon Klan Mom clown is attacking the Attorney General, who is subbing for Dr, Fauci for MAGA’s punching bag.

Persecuting former President Donald J. Trump, Merrick Garland’s corruption knows no bounds.

The DOJ’s persecution of Joe Biden’s primary political adversary, President Donald J.Trump, is illegal and an actual assault on democracy.

Raiding President Trump’s home for legally declassifying documents and a transparent violation of justice, persecuting a declared candidate for President of the United States is nothing short of election interference.

In the meantime, Merrick Garland has refused to comply with a lawful congressional subpoena, claiming executive privilege, the same defense argued by Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro.

Trump was legally indicted by ordinary citizens and found guilty by a Manhattan jury of his peers. AG Garland has no power over the state of New York or the Manhattan DA.

Taper down the steroids, Marge.

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