Nazis Parade Through Madison, GOP Remains Mum

On Saturday, about a score of people from a group who calls themselves Blood Nazis, paraded through the streets of Madison, Wisconsin:

A neo-Nazi group protested in downtown Madison Saturday afternoon from the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus to the state capitol building, carrying flags with swastikas and shouting antisemitic rhetoric.

The group of about 20 wore shirts labeled “Blood Tribe,” which is a growing neo-Nazi group that believes in white supremacy, according to the Anti-Defamation League. The Madison Police Department is monitoring the situation, the department said in a Facebook post. No weapons have been displayed, and “many have called 911” to report the group.


The neo-Nazi group chanted “Israel is not our friend,” according to social media posts, made threatening statements and shouted racial slurs at bystanders, but there were no reports of physical violence connected to the event.

Officials from around the state and at all levels of government were quick to roundly denounce and condemn the presence of the hate group. From the mayor of Madison to the chancellor of the University of Wisconsin to state lawmakers to Governor Tony Evers and Senator Tammy Baldwin, the responses were quick and consistent.

The glaring omission were the Republicans. At the time of this writing, it’s been three full days and not one Republican has spoken up against their presence. Ironically, some right wingers on Xitter have tried to pass off the Nazis’ presence as being a false flag set up by Antifa and/or the FBI.

The Republicans’ silence is even more pronounced since many of them are still denouncing the attack on Israel on October 7 and expressing anger to Muslims in general.

The only conclusion possible is that the Republicans aren’t really upset by the antisemitism as they are by the presence of Muslims and/or Brown and Black skinned people. But if it’s good old, white “Christian” antisemitism, well that’s just fine by them.

ADDENDUM: Just to show how tone deaf the Republicans are, the Republican Party of Wisconsin issued a press release bragging about how they had such a wonderful Day of Action across the entire state.

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