And please, do not come to me, all sweaty with tears in your eyes asking, “Sir, sir, how could Liberal NBC/MSNBC do such a thing?” Because you and I both know that they do this sort of this all the time.

The NBC/MSNBC Republican Reputation Laundromat never closes. It’s practically their business model. And among the many, many examples available for educational purposes, I’m gonna once again remind you that Bill “Always Wrong About Everything” Kristol used to be a punch line over at ‘Liberal’ MSNBC.

Remember? (h/t Heather at Crooks and Liars):

A human wrongness PEZ dispenser. A laughing stock…who was somehow, mysteriously, never missed a meal and was never out of the Beltway media’s inner circle for more than a minute. More here if this interests you.

Bloody Bill was a fucking punchline…right up until MSNBC decided to adopt a fledgeling recently-former Republican media startup co-founded by Kristol. It’s called The Bulwark and almost overnight became a virtual MSNBC subsidiary. MSNBC was quickly colonized by Bulwark employees, including Kristol, and from that day until this no one has every whispered a discouraging word about Kristol in public, nor have any of his MSNBC colleagues every been so rude as to bring up his incredibly inconvenient past.

It was something like the opposite of Orwell’s concept of an “unperson”. One day Kristol is a discredited fraud and bad joke and everyone knows it, and the next day he is a suddenly a valued and respected colleague and nobody better say a fucking word to the contrary.

MSNBC is not our friend, kids.

And then there’s this:

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