New Arts Faculty Bring Depth to Art Making at SMFA at Tufts

School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University (SMFA at Tufts) is proud to welcome five new full-time faculty to its roster, including scholars whose work centers on themes of time, cultural movements, stereotypes, and history, and their representations in word and image. This group of internationally recognized artists and scholars work in a wide range of mediums including photography, video, fiber, and books.

Scheri Fultineer, Dean of SMFA at Tufts, shares, “We are excited to welcome these faculty members whose work demonstrates deep expertise in their respective disciplines, coupled with a hearty commitment to the cross-disciplinary exploration that is so important to our students. We look forward to their contribution to our ongoing discourse on contemporary art-making at SMFA.”

Qais Assali, Professor of the Practice in Graphic Arts, practices photography, video, installation, performance, and graphic design, and works with archives to engage issues of time and memory.

Ihnmi Jon, Lecturer in Visual and Material Studies, researches the methodological challenges of an art history that recognizes the movement of art and artists across temporal, cultural, and discursive formations.

Zora J. Murff, SMFA Endowed Professor of the Practice in Photography, practices photography expansively, stretching it across disciplines to create associative or implied images, exploring the politics of stereotypes.

Pamela Pecchio, Professor of the Practice in Photography, practices photography and has published two artist books.

Leslie Rogers, Professor of the Practice in Sculpture, draws from quilting, puppetry, slapstick entertainment, collaborative relationships, and horticulture to reveal evidence of violence and transcendence.

These artists officially joined SMFA at Tufts on September 1 and will begin teaching courses this fall.

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