No Worries, Fam. Dr. Phil Will 'Try' To Stop Trump From Exacting Revenge

In the history of softball interviews, Dr. Phil McGraw’s interview last night with convicted felon Donald Trump was the softballiest. And it was weird, too. Really weird. So, Dr. Phil is definitely a Trumper, and part of that might be that he doesn’t want to fork over his fair share of taxes.

The TV psychologist weighed in on the former reality TV show star’s desire for retribution against his perceived enemies. “I am going to relentlessly try and get him to not do that,” he said. So, no worries, fam. Dr. Phil will handle the psychopath. Don’t you feel better now? For me, I’m just not going to vote for a psychopath so we can completely dodge that bullet, and we won’t need Dr. Phil at hand to deal with the raging narcissist.

Dr. Phil talked with CNN’s Abby Phillip; it was very special.

“What do you sense is his inclination, because just today he said, for example, that he would indict the January 6th committee members, presumptively the members of Congress who were on that committee investigating what happened on January 6th,” she said. “Are you more or less convinced after sitting down with him that he actually would follow through on those kinds of pledges?”

“Well, I actually don’t think he will,” McGraw said. “I think this is a situation that, you know, it’s a process. This is something that I think he’s had in his mind that there’s only one way to go, and that’s to get even.”

“And I think I’ve really made some headway with him that that is not the way to go,” he continued. “I think it’s a process. I think he’ll turn this over and over in his mind.”

“And I don’t think he will do that,” he added. “And to the extent that I have any opportunity to lean into this with him, I am going to relentlessly try and get him to not do that.”

Are you fucking kidding me? We shouldn’t even have to be having this sort of conversation. Well, golly, he might not seek revenge, but if he does, I’ll try not to let him. That’s not a good endorsement, buddy.

And in the same interview with Trump, McGraw slammed the weaponization of the Justice Department, even though there is none under Biden, but there will be and there has been under Trump. So, really, he’s OK with that.

And then he said, “I know you got thick skin. You’re not one of those people afflicted with the need to be loved by strangers. You’re a billionaire. You got a great family. You’re a very dedicated father. Why do you subject yourself to this?”

That made me feel all stabby. Dr. Phil should look more into Trump’s obsession with revenge, which spans decades:

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