Purse Of Empty Promises: Milwaukee Already Regrets Hosting RNC

When the RNC settled on Milwaukee to be the host for their 2024 convention, it came with promises of riches and windfalls worth billions of dollars. But much like when Trump came to Wisconsin and made grandiose promises about Foxconn which turned into so much dust, the Trumplican National Convention is also a fake bill of goods. It’s turning out to be like their political promises, all empty.

There have been few to no bookings and reservations for many of the spots near the Fiserv Forum, where the convention is being held. And this is after these business had held their facilities from other bookings just for the convention:

“It’s disappointing for us but I am, as always, more concerned about the city overall,” said Gary Witt, CEO of the Pabst Theater Group. “After all that spiking the football that was done after getting the RNC, you’re going to see that a lot of restaurants and bars and coffee shops are going to be impacted negatively.”

The lack of bookings this close to the convention is disappointing for owners of bars, restaurants and event venues, some of whom signed contracts with the nonpartisan MKE 2024 Host Committee to hold their venues for convention-related bookings. The Republican National Convention, set to take place July 15-18 at Fiserv Forum, has been sold by its backers as a major economic driver that will bring big economic impact to surrounding businesses and the region.


Witt said the Pabst Theater Group signed an agreement with the host committee in March to hold its venues for convention-related bookings July 14-19. By the time it was released from that agreement at the end of May, without any events scheduled at those four venues, Witt was unable to book anything else, he said.

He estimated the loss from unrealized bookings in that time frame to be over $100,000.

“Right now we’re getting a nothing burger,” Witt said. “It’s looking like our hopes and goals for the RNC are not going to be what we had been told.”

This should be surprising to no one. Why do you think Nashville city leaders didn’t want the convention there? Trump and his cronies are nothing but scam artists and would rip you off as soon as look at you. Milwaukeeans will be smart to count their silverware and check their wallets after the Republicans leave.

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