Raskin & Moskowitz CLOBBER DEMENTED MTG As She Makes Toddler Cry


Marjorie Taylor Greene is becoming more and more mentally disturbed, and I have a theory why, which I explain in the video.

But no matter the reason, this week she lost her mind threatening Dr. Fauci in hearings, tossing out profanities with a reporter, attacking her own party (it must be why they love her–they realy love her!) on soon-to-be jailed Steve Bannon.

Marge is embarrassingly angry, even by the usual low standards we apply to her mental state. It’s time for Democrats to put her face alongside Trump’s, Gaetz’, Cruz’ and a few others as the faces of the f*king insane GOP.

So watch the video! Laugh and see how Marge is blowing her shpadoinkle. And be sure to subsribe to Cliff’s Edge, my Youtube Channel, for more content like this!

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