Russia Sinks Their Own Ship During Training Exercise

A missile hit the ‘Captain Lobanov’ while the crew was sleeping, killing three and injuring 4. Russian news agencies reported a fire as the cause, but they could not explain why the captain’s cabin was completely gone, or why the ship sank in such a short amount of time. According to the source, at the hospital the victims were interrogated by FSB officers, who asked the crew members “not to talk about the incident.”

Source: Militarnyi (Ukraine)

The fishing trawler Captain Lobanov was hit by a missile from the Russian Baltic Fleet.

The Russian online TV Rain reported on this, citing relatives of one of the crew members.

The TV reported that the incident occurred on March 19, 2024, when three crew members were killed on the trawler and four others were injured.

The missile that hit the trawler was fired during a Baltic Fleet exercise. Before the incident, the crew members of Captain Lobanov were about to go to bed when the missile hit the captain’s cabin.

Local authorities in the Kaliningrad Oblast stated there was a fire on board the trawler, and the cause of the incident is still unknown. The authorities reported only one death.

When they were taking away the survivors, everyone knew perfectly well that three people had been killed. And everyone knew perfectly well that a missile had hit. But they decided to write that there was a ‘fire’. I wonder what kind of fire it was, if the captain’s cabin was completely gone, it was simply blown away,” the source told TV Rain.

The exercises were done in the Baltic Sea instead of the Black Sea, as the latter is now too dangerous. Perhaps the Baltic is too, if they’re destroying their own ships.

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