Steve Bannon Planning To Sell 'Trump Davidian' Merch

In case you’ve forgotten, the Branch Davidians were a right-wing apocalyptic cult that blew up their own building in the midst of an FBI siege. David Koresh, their leader, thought he was Cyrus the Great, and now Trumpers think their diapered king is Cyrus. They’re all insane.

So Steve Bannon plays a clip of Jonathan Karl talking about how Bannon is going to be issuing “Trump Davidian” merchandise, and Bannon acts surprised that Karl has that “inside baseball” information.

Bannon has on his program a fellow “we-can’t-believe-he’s-not-in-prison-yet” compadre, Kash Patel.

JONATHAN KARL (CLIP): I understand that Steve Bannon’s War Room is making merchandise now with the phrase “Trump Davidians.” They’re embracing the idea that they are out to get retribution against the deep state, against the communists, the radicals, the RINOs, and the vermin. I mean, they’re embracing this idea. The amount of pushback is remarkably little.

Cut back to Bannon in the studio with a visible smirk.

STEVE BANNON: By the way, Grace is working on the merch. How did they know that? The inside baseball.

Bannon is really loving the idea of more money in his pocket by pushing a violent insurgency for Trump to very weak-minded and violent individuals. He doesn’t remind anyone where the Branch Davidians ended up.

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