Support Beyond Launch: CLS’ strategies for crypto growth and market-making on CEXs

The 2017-18 bull run was called the ICO bull run for a reason. The era witnessed the largest token launch collection. Fast forward to 2024, successful projects still see a powerful token launch as a barometer of success.

Yet, as we all know, the game is more than just launching tokens or coins. While it is easy to list tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), it is centralized exchanges (CEXs) that help tokens create markets. With CLS Global, 500+ projects have leveraged its market-making strategies such as CEX listings, providing liquidity for traders.

CLS Global: A Force In The Crypto Market Making Business

Seven years, 500+ clients – that’s what CLS Global is all about. In less than a decade, the market-making consulting firm helped crypto projects with its bespoke and holistic services to drive token growth organically.

With over $1.5 billion in assets that include 20 of the top 200 crypto projects, CLS Global has a track record that extends beyond when the markets are up. CLS Global has worked even when the crypto markets were down (three bear markets, to be exact). This goes on to reflect the expertise of not only CLS Global but the confidence crypto projects put in the firm.

Global CEX Support for Crypto Projects

CLS Global has partnered with more than 70 reputable CEXs worldwide for listings and liquidity provision for projects. Leveraging its relations in the crypto industry and the expertise of its team, CLS Global helps projects achieve unparalleled liquidity post-listing.

On the surface, listings and liquidity help traders buy and sell easily, but CLS Global’s efforts go much beyond that for long-term benefits. First, with robust liquidity, the token in question is not susceptible to dramatic price swings as sellers and buyers find trades. Secondly, with market reports easily accessible, traders can make better decisions on their traders, leading to better market discovery.

FLUX Case Study: How CLS Global Helped Post-Launch

FLUX has made its name as a foundational ecosystem for Web3 development. Anyone can access its suite of tools to develop and deploy a decentralized web. Recognizing the potential, FLUX met with the CLS Global team to discuss the possibilities of its token listing and post-launch support.

CLS Global facilitated FLUX’s listings on various major CEXs, including KuCoin. This helped enhance FLUX’s market presence and eventually led to their listing on Binance, showing significant growth and acceptance.

Other Case Studies

Over its 7 years of services, CLS Global has helped several projects with post-launch and listings. One particular project was grappling with liquidity issues as traders sold off en masse. CLS Global intervened, helping the project achieve sufficient market liquidity and order depth, along with an organic boost, ultimately leading to stability.

Other cases include projects that faced liquidity issues, performances, and dramatic price swings. Each time, CLS Global stepped in to provide support, reduce slippage, and increase liquidity along with organic growth.

CLS Global Is The Friend Your Project Needs

Launching a token is an effort, but ensuring that post-launch it succeeds is crucial, especially when it comes to listings and liquidity on CEXs as they are the largest markets. At CLS Global, our track record over the last 7 years and successful clients show the expertise of the firm in ensuring good market making.

If your project is looking for CEX listing, liquidity in trading, and organic growth, contact CLS Global for consultation and effective execution today.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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