Tomi Lahren Launches Conspiracy Theory To BLAME DEMS For Jan 6

It would be amusing to hear Trump enablers’ different excuses for the January 6th Capitol attack if it wasn’t so pathetic and if Trump supporters hadn’t put so many lives at risk. Political commentator Tomi Lahren has some thoughts on that horrific day, too, Media Matters reports. She blames Democrats for Trump whipping the crowd of fire-breathing nitwits into a frenzy, then directing them to the Capitol. Well, that’s what she told Fox News’s Sean Hannity, who is still under the delusion that 2020 was a really cool and wonderful year.

“Not only does this committee seem like it had a predetermined outcome, January 6 itself seems like it had a predetermined, preplanned outcome,” Lahren said. “It would seem as though there are certain folks on the left and the right that wanted this to happen.”

Note: Literally, no one on the left wanted Trump supporters to interfere with the transfer of power. That would be weird. Our guy won the election, you weirdo.

“Why else would they put the Capitol in a vulnerable position, knowing good and well that something could happen, something horrible could happen?” she asked. “It was a horrible day. Let’s not mince words; it wasn’t a good day for Trump supporters, it wasn’t a good day for Republicans, it wasn’t a good day for our country.”

Note: No shit, genius.

“But it really makes you wonder, Sean, what else they are hiding about that day they don’t want the American public and the American people to know because a lot of their cases, their lawfare against Donald Trump, revolves around January 6 and the so-called insurrection, so if there were more information given to the American people, more truth, more transparency, then a lot of this B.S. against Donald Trump would simply fall apart as actually it’s doing on its own,” the human troll doll added.

That’s some straight-up delusional thinking.

Editor’s note (Heather): Fox and other right wing outlets have been trying to hype former acting Defense Chief Miller and his backtracking on what he said under oath for a while now.

Here’s a reminder of why no one should take this seriously, not that it will stop right-wing propaganda outlets from pushing it, as Hannity and Lahren did in the clip above.

h/t Media Matters

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