Tommy Tuberville Claims Putin Doesn't Want Ukraine

Senator Tommy Tuberville turned into a Putin stooge with Steve Bannon when he claimed the reason Russia attacked Ukraine was to stop NATO missiles from being installed there.

Ukraine is not a member of NATO, therefore there can’t be any NATO missiles to contend with. How do these crackpots ever get elected?

TUBERVILLE: But we’re, the neocons here, the people, and Biden and them, they are embarrassed. They can’t get out of this.

Now they’re stuck. So they are stuck up there.

BANNON: They know that they’re in a jam.

TUBERVILLE: Oh, yeah, they’re in a big jam. And, you know, Zelensky’s coming over tomorrow and meeting with Biden. You know, Zelensky’s not a constitutional president. You know, he stopped it. His term ran out. Yeah, he stopped the election. He stopped media attention. He stopped churches from meeting.

I mean, this guy’s a dictator. And here we’re backing him.

How stupid is this fn guy? Putin is a real dictator that started a vicious unprovoked war against the innocent people of Ukraine in order to invade and annex their land.

Tuberville topped his stupidity with these remarks.

TUBERVILLE: But we, it’s, you know what, you know the whole story.

NATO, if you’re Putin, you don’t want our missiles in Ukraine pointing at him. You don’t want, we wouldn’t want it in Mexico.

The John Birch Society in its heyday would be screaming that Tuberville is a Russian spy. Since the Birchers have joined the MAGA cult, praising and worshiping Russia and Putin has become the norm for the GOP.

Putin already told the world he wanted to reestablish the old Russia by taking Ukraine back into the fold, but Republicans never let facts get in the way.

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