Trump Goes QAnon On US Federal Government

Convicted felon Donald Trump told Fox News that the US federal government is much more dangerous than both Vladimir Putin’s Russia and XI’s China.

QAnon rules MAGAscum.

Trump did admit he did not like being impeached, although he didn’t say two times.

People don’t want to be impeached.

They don’t want to be indicted by these scoundrels who are much more evil than people.

I’m telling you, China and Russia, they’re not the problem.

We have a problem from within that’s really bad. So he let us down.

This is really sick and twisted.

Evil is Vladimir Putin, who allegedly murders his detractors while starting a horrific war against Ukraine and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

Since he was convicted, Vonshitzhispants now throws bouquets of love at China’s human rights violations and Vladimir Putin’s murderous rampage against the people of Ukraine.

The real “problem from within” is…Felon45 and his cult.

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