Trump Solution To Alcoholism: Just Don't Take Anything

Convicted felon Donald Trump gave Sean Hannity the silliest solution to drug addiction and alcoholism ever uttered by a political candidate.

DONALD TRUMP: I understand the addiction world. And I’ve also lost not only a brother, I’ve lost a lot of friends to addiction drugs, alcohol, and there are other addictions.

Also, frankly, it would be nice if people would do certain things and live certain ways, but you’re not able to. They’re just not able to break it. I’ve had I’ve had friends that are so strong. My brother was a strong person.

Many families and friends have been touched by addiction in one form or another. But just watching somebody destroy themselves does not make a person an expert.

TRUMP: I’ve had friends that were so strong, so powerful, they couldn’t stay away from a glass of alcohol.
They couldn’t stay away from a drug. They had to have a drug. But you know, the way that you solve the problem, don’t have them.

“Don’t have them?” WTF? Is diminished Donald in kindergarten?

TRUMP: I say the way you stay away. Just don’t drink. Just don’t have it. If you don’t have drugs, if you don’t experience early on, you’re not going to have a need for it.

You’re not going to have an addiction. If you don’t drink alcohol, you’re not going to have an addiction. You’re not going to have this this insatiable urge to have a drink.

Preaching total abstinence of drugs or alcohol has been going on since gin drinking became widespread around 1688. Trump’s words are meaningless, but most of what he says is.

And I say that to people with your children. They ask me, what do you think? And children, what do you tell them?

I say no drugs, no alcohol. I also say no cigarettes. Don’t have the cigarettes. Don’t have cigarettes. Don’t have them.

I have friends. I can’t stop smoking. If they never had a cigarette before, they’d have no problem.
When I look at a friend that can’t stop smoking, I don’t understand why it’s hard to stop.

You know, the smoke all over the place. The fact is, if you never had a cigarette, I never had a cigarette. I have no urge to smoke. But if you are, you get addicted.

What a fn fool.

Would this narcissistic felon says “Just say no to cancer. Just don’t get cancer.”

(h/t Tommy Christopher)

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