Trump Throws Massive Pity Party: 'I Am The Victim'

I’m not sure about the rest of y’all, but it is mentally exhausting to hear a grown man such as Donald Trump — who wants the world to perceive him as an alpha male — cry 24 hours per day. He doesn’t stop, so his post on Truth Social starts off weirdly appropriate, saying, “I am the victim.”

Meanwhile, we were all victimized by Donald J. Trump during his four years in office and as he left office in disgrace, with his MAGA supporters still being arrested for his failed insurrection. After that, Trump started a platform since he was banned from social media solely to lash out at his successor. There has never been a point in history where a former president constantly demeaned and defamed his successor. Never. And there’s a reason for that: they put their country first — until Trump came along. He’s been trying to normalize that.

First, Hillary was Crooked Hillary, then he handed that nickname to Joe Biden. Trump is now facing 91 charges, and he’s still calling Biden Crooked Joe Biden. I’m starting to see a pattern here.

Trump took to Truth Social to cry some big sad MAGA tears.

“I am the victim of a corrupt legal system that is being used by those surrounding Crooked Joe Biden, with his full knowledge & consent, to hurt, demean, and damage his Political Opponent, ME,” he writes. “A terrible precedent is being set, but so far, despite the vulgarity & viciousness of it all, it has driven my poll numbers to record numbers.”

“You see, the American people are MUCH smarter than Crooked Joe! They see what is going on with a Corrupt & Racist New York State A.G., and a Trump Hating Puppet Judge willing to do her dirty work, even as it takes him, and his reputation, to new levels of low,” he insisted. “They fully understand the Obama appointed, Radical Left D.C. Federal Judge, who refused to recuse, fully “gagged” me, and set a trial date THE DAY BEFORE “Super Tuesday,” the biggest & most powerful day in the Primaries.”

“They get the fact that A.G. Garland and his boss, Lisa Monaco, sent their TOP DOJ lawyer to Manhattan to run the District Attorney’s “case” on me…And Much More,” he added. “BUT WE WILL WIN!!!”

All of us know how full of shit he is, but why can’t his supporters see what he’s doing? After all, he’s literally regifting nicknames now. Geez. On a note, people who abuse their spouses claim to be victimized, too. “She made me hit her, officer.”

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