Trump Unleashes Insane Rant After Pelosi Calls Him Out In Interview

Donald Trump took a minute to post an unhinged rant directed at Rep. Nancy Pelosi after her interview with CNN’s Dana Bash. The former Speaker of the House called out the felon over his state of mind. While the media is screeching about Biden’s debate performance, which admittedly was not good, Trump’s daily hissy fits filled with gish-galloping lies on Truth Social and his rallies prove that he’s not fit for office.

“My people are very much Biden, Kamala Harris,” Pelosi said. “And this is an opportunity for Joe Biden to go out there and show he has the stamina and the rest.”

And by the way, while the press, and for some reason they don’t, there are health care professionals who think that Trump has dementia, that his connection, his thoughts do not go together,” she continued.

Then she spoke to MSNBC’s Jen Psaki.

“As you may recall, I tore up his speech at a State of the Union because it was a total manifesto of lies,” she said. “And that’s what we saw the other night, which must be rejected as well as his candidacy.”

Pelosi went on to note the serial liar’s false claim that he wanted to send troops to the Capitol on Jan. 6 but claims that Pelosi blocked him.

After saying that people were injured and killed at the Capitol due to Trump’s inaction just as he mishandled his response to the pandemic, she said, “This is a dangerous person and evil.”

Trump inadvertently proved her point by posting an insane rant after midnight, presumably after hate-watching the networks he has vilified for years.

“Crazy Nancy Pelosi, who the other day was exposed by her daughter, a filmmaker, as being fully responsible for the lack of security on January 6th is, in my opinion, more cognitively impaired than Crooked Joe Biden,” he wrote. “I just watched her do an interview, and she was way “off.” Additionally, she is suffering from TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME, sometimes referred to as TDS, and her case is terminal! She is a sick “puppy,” and always has been!!!”

Does that sound like the kind of person you want to be the leader of the free world again — after he was fired in 2020, then he attempted a coup? And now he’s trying to blame Pelosi for the mob of Trump supporters who were hunting her down at the Capitol. Everything he said was a lie. He hasn’t even mastered the English language.

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