Video Of Lauren Boebert Kicked Out Of 'Beetlejuice' Musical

9NEWS obtained footage showing controversial Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert and a male companion being escorted out of the Beetlejuice musical in Denver Sunday night, and she wasn’t happy. Venue officials say she was vaping, singing, recording, and “causing a disturbance” during the performance, but her campaign manager said she was just “enthusiastically” enjoying the show.

According to the Denver Post, ‘after the two patrons were escorted out and reached the building‘s vestibule, they resisted leaving and said “stuff like ‘do you know who I am,’ ‘I am on the board’ (and) ‘I will be contacting the mayor.'”

Police arrived and stayed in the lobby of the Buell until Boebert and her companion left, according to the report.

While Sunday’s incident was resolved without much trouble, Boebert has found herself in trouble before. She was arrested and summonsed at least four times in the years leading up to her election to Congress in 2020.

Let’s face it, she has never acted like a member of Congress. Well, maybe in the current Congress since it’s such a shitshow.

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