WI. Elections Chief: 'I Won't Give In To Political Pressure'

Wisconsin GQP just made a futile power grab and attempt to wrest fair elections from voters by firing elections administrator Meagan Wolfe.

Wolfe sat down with Matt Smith of WISN-TV for an interview to discuss this and what her plans are. Wolfe gave no indication that she was going to do anything other than try even harder to show people how transparent elections are and to get them more involved in the process so that they can see for themselves that the state’s elections are fair, safe and secure.

Then Wolfe got to what is really happening with her and other election officials:

There has been this effort to bully us, to harass us, to try to get us to give into political pressure, and I will not do that. If I were to say that I give up, that the political pressure has become too much, that would be me giving into politics.

I shudder at the thought if there weren’t more people like Wolfe keeping us protected from the real wolves who would kill our democracy.

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