Will Cardano jump to $0.6 now? Key insights for ADA investors

  • ADA’s consecutive increase comes to an end.
  • Cardano has a chance to see a price rally.

Cardano [ADA] holders experienced a glimmer of hope as ADA concluded the week on a high note. The positive price movement was a welcome change, especially considering the significant decline ADA has faced in recent weeks.

However, a different narrative emerged when examining the volume chart, casting doubt on the sustainability of the recent trend.

Cardano ends the week on a high

Analysis of the Cardano price chart on a daily time frame revealed a strong finish to the past week. ADA experienced approximately an 8.3% increase on 20th April, closing the day near $0.5.

This surge marked a notable end to the consecutive uptrend that began on 18th April and provided a respite from the significant declines observed in the preceding week. 

Source: TradingView

At the time of this writing, ADA continued to trade around the $0.5 price range, with a slight increase of over 1.5%. However, despite the consecutive uptrends, ADA remained entrenched in a bear trend.

Examination of the Relative Strength Index indicates that it remained below the neutral line, signaling a lack of positive momentum in its price trend at the moment.

Cardano volume shows a lack of convergence

Analysis of the Cardano volume revealed a disparity between traders’ activity and the price movement. Despite the positive price trend, the volume did not exhibit the same level of excitement and has failed to surpass the $500 million threshold.

Although the volume surged to over $1.3 billion at the beginning of the week, it has since declined by more than half. At the time of this writing, the volume was around $402 million. 

Cardano volume trend

Source: Santiment

This discrepancy suggests a lack of convergence between price and volume, indicating a potential lack of sustainability in the price uptrend.

The stagnant volume implies a dearth of participation from traders, which is crucial for sustaining price increases. With increased volume, the current price trend may be able to maintain momentum.

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Interest in ADA sees a slight rise 

Examining the Cardano Open Interest on Coinglass revealed a notable decline in recent days. Despite a slight increase at the time of writing, it has yet to manage to reclaim previous levels.

At the time of this writing, the Open Interest was around $207.8 million, a significant drop from the over $400 million observed around 10th April. This trend in Open Interest indicates a reduction in the influx of cash into ADA.


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